The Emotional Roller Coaster of Design/Build Kitchen Remodeling

Living through a Kitchen Remodeling Project is an uncomfortable and stressful experience. We understand that, and have put together this graphic to clue you in to some of the emotions you will go through on your journey through the remodel process.

How are you going to feel when your kitchen is completely torn up and unusable, strangers are in your house on a daily basis, and you’re spending a fair amount of money eating out to feed the family? We understand.

We’ve put together this graphic to give you an idea of the emotions tied into what is going on in your house. Use this as a very basic guide to understanding what you’ll experience during your Kitchen Remodeling project. An actual schedule of events for your design/build kitchen remodel project will be created and shared with you during the contract and scheduling phase.

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Remodeling Roller Coaster