Meet the Hochuli Design & Remodeling Team

Design & Remodeling Under One Roof

Your dream project can be completed without the headaches, hassles, and quality issues many homeowners experience on home remodeling projects.  If you are considering a home remodeling project- you may be researching remodeling magazines and websites and come across the term "design-build remodeling" or "design-build remodeler". “Design-build” combines project design, product selection, and construction into a seamless process through a single company; the Design/Build Remodeling Firm.  Many homeowners who are planning a remodeling project prefer this method because it provides them with a single point of contact for all aspects of the project and better control over costs, scheduling, and accountability.  We believe home remodeling should be exciting and enjoyable.

Lorrie Hochuli - Founder & Principal Designer


Since 2001, Lorrie has been an integral part of the success of Hochuli Design & Remodeling Team.  In the early days, Lorrie walked side-by-side with Scott as they personally distributed door hangers on the front doors of homes in the east valley; and all these years later she continues that passion for the business and the home remodeling industry.  Lorrie understands the needs and perspectives of her clients..... especially when it comes to the woman.  When asked what her best skill is, Lorrie's response is 'listening'.

A transplant from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Lorrie moved to the Phoenix area her freshman year in high school.  She continued on to obtain Design Certificates from MCC and ASU, and continues her formal and social education to stay ahead of market trends as well as creating new looks and implementing new ideas.

Lorrie has a passion for Autism Awareness, fundraising for awareness and acceptance, and has sat on Committees with Autism Speaks and SARRC.  She enjoys concerts, especially when it's one of her favorite artists playing at a historic venue like Red Rocks or the Hollywood Bowl.  Lorrie and Scott have two daughters, Devan and Ryann.

Lorrie Hochuli Interior Designer

Devan Hochuli - Operations & Office Manager


Scott and Lorrie's oldest daughter, Devan is the jack-of-all trades in the Office environment.  A 2017 graduate of the University of Arizona, Devan returned to the valley to begin her adult career.  Since 2017 she has been the go to person for pretty much anything office or financial related.  Entrepreneurship is in Devan's blood as she continues to help refine, and grow, a home remodeling business she will own one day.

Devan also holds an Aesthetician's license and works on the weekends to pamper friends, family, and a small client base.

Devan has been dating her  boyfriend, Alex, for a looong time.   They have a dog named Jeter together.  Jeter gets his name because of Alex' love for the Yankees, but Jeter only wears UofA bandana's 😁

devan design build remodeling contractor

Ray Franco - Field Superintendent


Ray is a retired firefighter who enjoys smoking BBQ, golfing, and watching the Pittsburgh Steelers play on Sundays.  (When he's not laying around binge-watching Seinfeld 😀)

A father of 4, Ray and his lovely wife Emily have been married since 2012.  Ray's ultimate travel goal is to see the beautiful country of Spain, and learn more about his culture.

Ray is the go-to for everything jobsite related.  If you see Ray on the jobsite, play him "Epic" by Faith no More to pump him up for the day!

Ray Website Picture

Scott Hochuli - Founder & President


Pronounced Ha-Cue-Lee, Scott is an Arizona Native and son of retired grade school teacher Bonnie Hochuli and retired NFL Official Ed Hochuli.  After 9 years working for some of the best remodeling companies in the valley, friends and business associates urged Scott to start his own remodeling company.  In response to a growing demand for his services; Scott and Lorrie formed the company in 2001 and began offering home remodeling and home addition services full-time.

The 1st ever project Scott completed was a custom built-in media center that was manufactured in the Hochuli's garage workshop.  Fast forward 20+ years and the largest project Scott has completed is a $1M home remodel in Las Sendas, Mesa.

Scott has a passion for his family.  From being Ryann's personal photographer during her volleyball playing days, to Devan's mentor as she creates her plan for owning the business herself some day, to the amazing adventures with Lorrie as they explore the beautiful country together in the Airstream.  Despite thinking about, and strategizing for the business 24/7, Scott still finds time to enjoy bbq smoking for friends and family, mountain biking, and cruising around in his classic truck (with Lorrie riding shotgun of course).

scott hochuli general contractor-1

Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring a Professional Contractor

Since we create your home remodeling design, we know all the details that are needed to build the project.

Unfortunately, every design-build, general, or remodeling contractor you meet will say they have high standards, and they will claim that they only use quality materials. If that were true, you could hire anyone and get the same result. We encourage you to review The Risks of Hiring the Lowest Bidder carefully. This may be eye-opening, but unfortunately, these things are done all the time because cutting corners on quality is the only way a low bidder can make a profit.

If you’re thinking about adding on for extra living space, improving the layout and space planning of your home by remodeling your kitchenbathrooms, master bedroom, home office or other living space, or you want to drastically update your house with a complete home remodel, but you’re hesitant because you heard about or had a bad experience in the past, we understand.


Its your last chance!

Nah... Not really. 

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