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When Phoenix area homeowners want to hire a Professional to complete a Kitchen Remodeling Project they've been dreaming about; One Company Comes to Mind.


When it comes to kitchen design, we pride ourselves on paying attention to the project details that many companies may gloss over. Our Team takes the time to listen to your needs and desires, then creates a design that maximizes the use and functionality of your new kitchen.  Perhaps your entire kitchen is looking worn.. and those dark cabinets, ineffective lighting fixtures, and lack of storage are just getting in the way. A brand new kitchen can genuinely change a homeowner's entire outlook on their home. Perhaps you are looking to reinvent your home to a great place where family and friends want to gather. That 90's style kitchen can transform into "the place" where you and your friends and family will get together every day. 


These are just some of the reasons people have chosen a Fully Custom Kitchen Remodel project:

  • The desire or need to change the layout of the kitchen
  • The desire to possibly remove walls, ceilings, soffits, etc
  • Lighting and Electrical components may need to move
  • Appliance and sink locations may move
  • The Kitchen space, and adjoining rooms is an open canvas
  • Looking for a customized kitchen for how you use it
  • You would like us to handle all of the details
  • Minimal limitations exist:
    • The space can be considered a "blank canvas"
    • Finished outcome is more important than the cost
    • Flooring can replaced due to potential footprint changes
custom kitchen remodel contractor in scottsdale, az


These are just some of the reasons people have chosen this Basic Package:

  • There is no need to change the layout of the kitchen
  • No walls, ceilings, soffits, etc will be removed or modified
  • Lighting and Electrical components don't need to move
  • Appliance and sink locations will stay the same
  • The Kitchen is not expanding
  • Looking for a quick and simple refresh of the kitchen
  • Some limitations exist:
    • The space is not a "blank canvas"
    • Cost is a concern
    • Desire to use specific materials
    • Existing flooring can not be repaired or replaced
  • You don't plan to live in the house longer than a few more years
  • Everything in the kitchen is functional
tempe kitchen designer by hochuli design and remodeling team


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Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring a Professional Contractor

Since we create your home remodeling design, we know all the details that are needed to build the project.

Unfortunately, every design-build, general, or remodeling contractor you meet will say they have high standards, and they will claim that they only use quality materials. If that were true, you could hire anyone and get the same result. We encourage you to review The Risks of Hiring the Lowest Bidder carefully. This may be eye-opening, but unfortunately, these things are done all the time because cutting corners on quality is the only way a low bidder can make a profit.

If you’re thinking about adding on for extra living space, improving the layout and space planning of your home by remodeling your kitchenbathrooms, master bedroom, home office or other living space, or you want to drastically update your house with a complete home remodel, but you’re hesitant because you heard about or had a bad experience in the past, we understand.


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