Whole House Remodeling with Hochuli Design

Our Most Popular Package 

Do you have multiple areas of the home you're looking to remodel?  Or maybe the entire thing?  Remodeling several areas of the home simultaneously takes a tremendous amount of organization and pre-planning, so it's no surprise this is the most popular project type we've been hired to help with.

whole house remodel package   Whole House or Multi-Room Remodeling Design

Concerned about achieving cohesive flow throughout your house while talking several remodeling projects?  Click the orange button below to purchase our whole house remodeling design package and let our team show you the possibilities!

Why Would You Choose This Package?

These are just some of the reasons people have chosen this Custom Package:
  • The desire or need to remodel several areas of the house
  • More economical approach than a piece by piece approach
  • The desire to possibly remove walls, ceilings, soffits, etc 
  • Lighting, Electrical, and Plumbing components may need to move
  • Appliance and sink locations may move
  • The entire home is an open canvas
  • Looking for a customized home for how you live in it
  • Minimal limitations exist:
    • The space can be considered a "blank canvas"
    • Finished outcome is more important than the cost
    • Flooring can replaced due to potential footprint changes
  • You would like us to handle all of the details

What's Included with This Package

  • Initial Discovery Call to learn more about the goals of the remodel
  • 120 minute in-home site assessment and measure
  • Full 3-D rendering of the proposed remodeled spaces
  • Up to 75 hours of Design Time Included
    • Additional time billed @ $150/hr
  • Cabinet elevations, layout and specifications for all rooms in scope
  • Countertop and backsplash layout and specifications
  • New layout/footprint and specifications
  • Material selections for cabinets, countertops, tile, accessories, etc.
  • 4 Hours of private consultation in the showroom 
  • 1 final measure before ordering materials
  • Ordering of materials
  • 1 site meeting with cabinet installer when cabinet installation begins
  • 1 site meeting with tile & flooring installer at time of installation
  • 1 Final walk-through
  • Proposal for Hochuli Design & Remodeling Team to complete the construction

Potential Add-on's to this Package:

  • Additional jobsite visits = $150/hr
  • Paint Color Selection = $150
  • Additional Plan Pages, such as demolition plan = $400/ea.
  • A list of "while you're here's" that need attention during the construction phases = fee varies

What's Included if Hochuli does the Construction too?

  • Full set of remodeling plans for use by Hochuli Tradespeople
  • Additional site visits by Designer
    • At time of pre-construction meeting
    • Upon completion of demolition phase
    • Pre-walkthrough with Superintendent to create punchlist
  • Engineering and City Permitting if required
  • 2 year warranty on supplied materials and labor