How to Check Design-Build Remodeling Contractor References

“No One Will Give a Poor Reference for Design/Build Remodel Contractor”

That is True…
If You Only Ask for 3 References

Any design-build or remodeling contractor can come up with a few good references but if you want to know how good the company really is, you should ask for at least 10 customer references along with references from their bank and key vendors.

Even small remodeling contractors complete 25 jobs every couple of years so asking for 10 references shouldn’t be a big deal.

We will provide you with 20 recent AND local references in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, and Arcadia. We encourage you to call and ask about our timeliness, adherence to specifications and price or anything you want to know about us.

Due to the economy in the Phoenix area in the last few years, many folks that got laid off or had done handyman work suddenly became full-time remodelers. Many commercial companies have also entered the residential remodeling market to make ends meet. Several major homebuilders have even attempted to step outside their business model in an attempt to find remodeling work.

If you make the mistake and hire one of these companies you will wish you had done a better job upfront of checking their references thoroughly.

Simple Questions to Ask to Check a Reference

The following questions were provided to us by a company that has spent years advising and educating both homeowners and residential contractors on professional business practices.

These questions will tell you a lot about the contractor.

The company recommends that you prepare a list of 5 to 10 questions to ask each reference provided by the contractor.

They also recommend that you obtain a rating on timeliness, cleanliness, adherence to the quoted price and professionalism.

You should also confirm the type and scope of the project completed.

Having a prepared list will put you at ease and help you get the information you need.
If any reference for the contractor seems reluctant to provide specific answers or seems to be providing vague answers – that should be a red flag.

1. Did they start on the date they promised?
2. Did they clean up at the end of each day?
3. Was the proposal price what you ended up paying? If not, why not?
4. How did they handle issues during the project?
5. How often did they give you an update on progress?
6. Were all of their crew members (including subcontractors) polite and respectful?
7. Would you or have you recommend them to someone else?
8. What was the main reason you picked them?

Two Other Types of References You Should Require:

Bank Letter: Additional assurance that they are financially stable. Every design-build or remodeling contractor should have a reference letter from their bank.

Vendor Letters: Evidence that they pay their bills on time. If a design-build or remodeling contractor doesn’t pay their bills on time, they won’t get the best pricing and they may have problems getting materials on time.

Sometimes they need large upfront deposits so they can pay the bills from their last project.

All of these issues can spell disaster for your project.

We hope this Reference Guide helps you get the information you need to make the best choice when it comes to hiring, evaluating and working with a professional design-build or remodeling contractor.

If you want to add on for extra living space, or simply improve the layout and functionality of your home by renovating your kitchen, bathrooms, master bedroom, home office, outdoor kitchen or outdoor living area or any other area of your home you should thoroughly check out the references of each contractor.

We are providing this as a service so you can make the best decision possible, regardless of who you decide to go with.