18 Key Questions to Ask Every Contractor

How Can I Find the Top Remodeling Contractor in Phoenix, AZ? 

It can be a challenge to find and hire the right professional contractor to design and build your project. Use the 18 questions listed below to help you find the right company out of thousands here in the Phoenix Metro Area.

Most homeowners decide to renovate or build once every ten years or more, and many don't know what questions to ask to evaluate each contractor's reputation, experience, and service. The following information is provided to assist all homeowners in evaluating and choosing a top remodeling contractor you can trust in the Phoenix, AZ area to design and build your project. 


But first, remember the following:

  • Insist that each contractor provides their answers in writing. From there, don't share their answers with other contractors. Unfortunately, the unscrupulous or desperate contractor will say yes if you ask them, "this is what the other contractor agreed to do, will you do the same?

  • Please don't be bashful. Every quality contractor in the Phoenix area will be able to answer these questions and will be willing to provide their answers in writing.

  • Just because someone seems nice or was referred to you does not mean that they have the experience to design and build your project. Arizona has contractor licensing, but it's worth noting that anyone with just four years of experience can get a general contracting license.

  • While this is not necessarily a complete list of all the questions you should ask, these are the most common ones we have been asked over the years. You will learn a great deal about the contractor's reputation, policies, procedures, and experience just from this shortlist. For each area, ask the questions verbally, and then ask each contractor to provide written evidence to support their answers.

Company Reputation

1. Do you have an up-to-date license in Arizona, within the proper classification, to complete the type of project we are considering?

2. Will you give us a complete list of all of the businesses you have been an owner, shareholder, or partner in that have been in the home improvement or home contracting business within the last ten years? (Each owner should provide this.)

3. Have you or any of the other owners ever filed for bankruptcy for this or any other company that you owned, were a shareholder of, or partnered in?

4. What type of proof of insurance and bonding will you provide?

5. How many relevant customer references will you be presenting?

6. Are there any other letters of reference that you can provide?

7. What professional building and remodeling industry associations do you belong to?

Experience and Operations

8. Who will be supervising my project on a day-to-day basis?

9. Will you provide a resume of my project supervisor's experience?

10. How many projects that are similar to mine have you completed?

11. What contingencies are included in your contract?

12. How often will you provide a complete project update?

13. How often will you complete a walkthrough with me during the project?

14. What type of scheduling program do you employ?

15. Do you have a written policy regarding tobacco, drug, and alcohol use by your crews?

Service, Follow-Up and Follow-Through

16. How long is your warranty? Please explain exactly what it covers.

17. Have you ever repaired a project after the warranty expired without charging for it?

18. What is your company's phone/email policy?

Once you ask these questions and review the contractor's answers, the quality contractors will stand out.

We will be happy to provide you with a complete copy of our consumer guide once we schedule our first meeting. We live by our guide. We know this sets a standard that we can be proud of and that the majority of our competitors can't match. Upon request, we will gladly provide you with our written proof of compliance with each question.

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