Home Remodeling with Hochuli Design

So how do you get from where you are right now, to the completed home remodel you’re dreaming about? Are you interested in learning about a process that allows you to build a relationship with one company throughout the entire project from initial design through to construction completion?  We believe an organized process creates a level of predictability for Design/Build Home Remodeling Projects.


Whether you're hoping we can help with a Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel, Home Addition or ADU, or a Whole House Renovation; we work hard at adding value to your remodeling experience with the ultimate goal of Creating a Home you are Comfortable Living In!

custom kitchen remodel contractor in scottsdale, az


Breathe new life into your kitchen and get more space with our kitchen remodel services.  From classic redesigns to contemporary makeovers, we ensure every element of your kitchen is tailor to your taste while enhancing functionality and appeal.

white and black bathroom in chandler


Elevate your bathroom into a haven with our bathroom remodeling services.  From a master bath with custom showers with gorgeous tile to a hall-bath shower remodel and more, we blend form and function to create spaces that complement your lifestyle.


Major kitchen remodeling contractor in arcadia area, hochuli design


Transform your home into one that provides more comfort, space and enjoyment with a whole house remodel.  Whether you wish to update your home's interior design or make structural changes, our expert team will guide you through every step, ensuring an outcome that makes you exclaim, "Amazing job!"

Home Addition Contractor in Scottsdale


Boost your living space by adding more space to your existing house.  Our expert team designs and constructs additions that blend seamlessly with your current home layout.  Utilize this extra space for a new bedroom, home office, or even multiple bedrooms and bathroom for your family's growing needs.



Accessory Dwelling Unit / Casita / Guest House is a secondary housing unit on your property.  Many homeowners add an ADU for a child to live in during college, or possibly an elderly parent to live in, or maybe just as a she-cave.  The possibilities are endless.


Project Renderings

Our computer aided drafting (CAD) software can provide a glimpse of the finished bathroom or kitchen remodel project before the project gets started.

Material Samples

We can import the exact materials and colors in to our design program to show you how they compliment each other; long before construction begins.

Fixture Selections

Working closely with you, our Design Team can narrow the options down to a manageable amount that fit within your target budget.

Project Development

During the process of design and scope development, we use a series of checklists to help minimize the element of surprise later on.

Cool Factor

Do you think the computer images on HGTV and DIY shows are cool?  Well, so do we!  And we can do it to....

Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring a Professional Contractor

Since we create your home remodeling design, we know all the details that are needed to build the project.

Unfortunately, every design-build, general, or remodeling contractor you meet will say they have high standards, and they will claim that they only use quality materials. If that were true, you could hire anyone and get the same result. We encourage you to review The Risks of Hiring the Lowest Bidder carefully. This may be eye-opening, but unfortunately, these things are done all the time because cutting corners on quality is the only way a low bidder can make a profit.

If you’re thinking about adding on for extra living space, improving the layout and space planning of your home by remodeling your kitchenbathrooms, master bedroom, home office or other living space, or you want to drastically update your house with a complete home remodel, but you’re hesitant because you heard about or had a bad experience in the past, we understand.


Its your last chance!

Nah... Not really. 

But you knew that.  We will leave this button here for when you're ready to get started.