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Most homeowners here in Arizona tackle a bathroom remodeling project once every ten years. They want to create a WOW bath space that they will be able to enjoy every time they walk in the room.

Bathroom design requires a vivid imagination and creativity to blend color, finishes, and functionality in small or large spaces. Lorrie Hochuli, the interior designer at Hochuli, pays attention to the little details that many remodeling contractors don’t want to deal with in designing your bath. She takes the time to listen to your needs and desires, then creates a design that maximizes the use and functionality of your newly renovated bathroom.

Here are some of the design elements that Lorrie will consider for your Phoenix, AZ bathroom remodeling project:

  • The existing bathroom space and surrounding rooms
  • Color and finish materials
  • Selection of plumbing hardware and fixtures
  • Lighting fixtures and placement options
  • Specialty options for storage
  • Pricing of alternative options
  • Zoning regulations
  • And so much more!

Why Renovate the Bathroom? 

  • A great bathroom remodeling project truly changes your whole outlook on your home, especially if your current bathroom has vintage 1980 colors and fixtures.
  • They wanted to create a space that was pleasing to the eye and had the amenities that make it a special place.
  • Their bathroom was a “builder special” that didn’t make great use of the space or that had materials that didn’t hold up to normal wear and tear.

How Does the Bathroom Remodeling Process Work? 

Lorrie consults with Scott on the design to ensure it will work with the existing structure of the home. Once our clients approve the design, Scott then supervises our construction crews on the building part of your project. Our process removes the guess-work from your remodeling project and allows you to see what specifically needs to be accomplished to bring your dream to life.

How Much will This Cost?

An upscale bathroom remodel costs $60,000 to $65,000+. This takes an existing 5’ x 7’ bathroom and expands it to 100 square feet without actually adding onto the house. Prices may vary significantly depending on what you have to move to make it work. For example, if you are finishing an unfinished part of the basement, you may have less work to do than if you have to redesign your closet or consolidate an existing bedroom. For more information, check out How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in Phoenix, AZ?

How Do I Find a Bathroom Remodeling Company? 

We understand that renovating or remodeling your bathroom is an important decision. We invite you to explore our website so you can learn:

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