The Hochuli Design-Build Home Remodeling Process

We Believe in Teamwork, Communication, Customer Service, and Professional Qualifications


So how do you get from where you are right now, to the completed home remodel you’re dreaming about? Are you interested in learning about a process that allows you to build a relationship with one company throughout the entire project from initial design through to construction completion?

We believe an organized process creates a level of predictability for Design/Build Home Remodeling Projects.

Take a look at the detailed steps below to learn more about what you may experience when working with our team.




Preliminary Phone Conversation

Our home remodeling process begins with a brief phone call to discuss your project’s scope of work, desired timing, and home’s location; to ensure we can meet your needs. We will explain our “design-build-remodel” process so you can get comfortable with what we’ll experience together before you start to invest your time and money with us.

Who is involved? Client and Hochuli Team member

How much time should be set aside? 15-20 minutes

Is anything required in advance? We’ll need your basic project information by phone or you can click this “Let’s Get Started” button to share the information with us

What is the Outcome? We may decide this is a project we’d like to work together on; and will move on to Step #2 scheduling a home visit. Or We may agree there isn’t a fit between the type of projects we work on, and what you’re hoping we can help with; at which point we’ll do our best to refer you to another quality contractor that may be able to help you.

Home Tour

Home Tour and Project Qualification

Tour of the home, and proposed project space, to gain additional insight into the type of project you’re hoping we can help you with

  • Learn more about your design taste and ideas
  • We will ask a lot of clarifying questions to ensure we completely understand the problems you’re having with how your current space functions….. or doesn’t
  • We’ll look at the space you’d like to remodel and the adjoining rooms to explore all of your options. Removing a wall between the kitchen and dining room or pantry can dramatically open a space up, as can removing closets, adding windows or a room addition to provide more space. All of our recommendations will be done to maintain (or improve) the design aesthetic, structural integrity, and resale value of the home.
  • We’ll answer questions you may have about what you will experience when working with us. We may even ask you questions about what we’ll experience when working with you.
  • Discuss general ranges of investment amount for your project type

Who is involved? All Client Decision Makers and Hochuli Team Representative

Location? Client Home

How much time should be set aside? 1 hour

What is required in advance? We ask that you prepare a list of “must-have” and “like-to-have” items related to your home remodel

What is the Outcome? If your project is confirmed to be a fit for the Hochuli Team to help you with; we’ll move on to Step #3 and execute a Partnership Agreement to move to the Initial Discovery and Budget Development Phase

Detailed Design

Detailed Design and Materials Selections

In-depth meetings and design selections to drill-down on the types of materials, finishes, and ideas that are best for your home remodel or room addition project

  • Custom cabinets, or production-grade? Quartz countertops vs. Granite countertops?

  • Tile floors or hardwood?

  • Champagne Gold fixtures or Stainless?

  • Our Design Team will use our Computer-Aided Design (CAD) program to begin “building” your project

  • .3D renderings will give you a good look at what your completed home remodel will look like.

Several factors will dictate the materials and fixtures you select:

  • Budget, Space, Intended Use, Longevity, Design Aesthetics, Green Building Goals, Timing & Availability

  • Our Design Team will make suggestions and recommendations for layout, materials, and fixtures to help you determine what the best product is for your remodeling project. For example, we can narrow down a countertop material to a hand-full of selections that work best with your style, design, plan, and budget….. instead of the 1000’s of choices which may become overwhelming.

Who is involved? All Client Decision Makers and Hochuli Design and Estimating Teams

Location? Hochuli Design Studio

How much time should be set aside? 1-3 meetings of 1-2 hours each at Design Studio

What is required in advance?  Mutual agreement that project goals are in-line with realistic budget goals

Is there a Cost? Design Retainer fee equal to 5% of project budget
(non-refundable fee credited towards project construction)

How long will it take? 2-6+ weeks depending on project complexity & size

What is the Outcome? At the end of the Detailed Design phase, we will prepare a Firm Price Proposal with Written Specifications and a Payment Schedule for your project. After you approve the Design and sign the Construction Agreement, we’ll move on to Step #5 creating the Project Build Schedule and Construction Documents based on the approved scope of work

Project Scheduling

Project Scheduling and Construction Documents

It’s time to pull it all together. Our Team will complete the necessary, detailed floor plans, detailed elevations, and specifications for the Kitchen Remodeling project.

  • We take the time to make sure all the ‘T’s are crossed’ and ‘I’s dotted’ to ensure the entire team is on the same page.
  • The lead-time and availability of materials and required crews will be confirmed, and compared to the construction build schedule to ensure there is no ‘down-time’ once the kitchen remodel begins.
  • Create an Electronic Schedule and access to our BuilderTrend Web Portal – To facilitate open communication about the details of your project, we provide the web-based service, BuilderTrend. All necessary material selections, project plans and elevations, and schedule of events, online progress payments and financial statement will be posted on the site, and you will have access via your user name and password. This application is a great way to communicate throughout the project!
  • Materials will be ordered, and crews will be reserved for your project based on the construction schedule.

Following a proven successful process for Design/Build Remodeling creates predictable results!
Scott Hochuli – Hochuli Design & Remodeling Team

Who is involved? Hochuli Design & Production Teams, Vendors, and Subcontractors
Is anything required in advance? Signed Construction Agreement and Deposit Payment

Is there a Cost? 20%-30% Construction Deposit based on project scope and special order materials

How long will it take? 1-3+ weeks depending on project complexity & size

What is the Outcome? The thorough legwork and teamwork of our designers, estimator and production team results in a plan for a predictable and enjoyable remodeling experience


Time to Build

Time to Build The Plan

It’s time to tackle the construction of the project. There will be noise, there will be dust, there will be a mess, there will be safety to consider throughout the addition project.

  • We will update you on the schedule and keep you up to date on work that is being performed.

  • Meet with you to address any concerns and questions that may arise during construction.

  • Discuss with you on any changes that may require additional costs or credits due to changes in scope of work.

  • Utilize our detailed checklist during each phase of construction to ensure that your project is complete with accuracy and to a high level of quality.

  • Photograph, and document, all work as it’s being completed. (And before it’s covered up)

  • Our Project Manager will answer any questions you may have throughout the construction of your project

But that’s another reason you hired Hochuli Design & Remodeling Team for your Kitchen Remodeling project; to manage all of the chaos. Our Team will keep you in the loop, and you’ll know what to expect, and when, to help alleviate the stress and headaches of construction.

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions

Who is involved? Hochuli Design & Production Teams, Vendors, and Subcontractors

Is anything required in advance? Permit Issuance if applicable, final approval and delivery confirmation for all finish materials and other building materials

Is there a Cost? Progress payment schedule will be established & billed based on the project scope, schedule, and construction milestones

How long will it last? 4-12+ weeks depending on project complexity & size. The BuilderTREND portal will keep you up to date with the daily/weekly happenings on your home remodel project.

What is the Outcome? A thoughtful, organized, and enjoyable remodeling experience that brings your home remodeling dreams to life.

The Big Reveal

The Big Reveal and Time to Show if Off

You’ve dreamed, we’ve planned together, we’ve torn up the house, and put it back together; It’s time for the big home remodel reveal. You’ve been able to watch the transformation every day, and now it’s time to enjoy the newly remodeled space. Or, maybe you’d prefer to wait until it’s complete to take your 1st look at the spa-like retreat like they do on the TV shows? That’s fine with us too!

  • Your project ends with a final inspection walk-through to ensure the quality of every detail.
  • You’ll have your house back to yourself, and we’ll be done and gone; but we’re always here to help should a problem arise.
  • Our projects are warrantied for 2 years after completion
  • We will follow up with you during the 2 year warranty period to see how you are enjoying the completed remodel, and ask if there’s anything we need to adjust or evaluate.

We just have one or two final things to ask of you:

  • That we may have your completed project Professionally photographed to use on our website, and in promotional materials, or as a project submittal for Contractor of the Year Awards.
  • We will forward a request for an online review at a couple of review sites
    (your project manager receives a small bonus for every positive online review)
  • Ask you to complete a survey questionnaire to get feedback on your experience

It’s time to get settled in your new dream kitchen, invite friends and family over to show it off, entertain, and share with them how enjoyable the Hochuli Team made the experience!

We thank you!

Enjoy it and Show it off!


We invite you to learn more about our team and get some inspiration for your project in our galleries of completed kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, home additions, and other projects. Our general service area includes the greater areas of Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arcadia, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa and Gilbert.