Stairway Redesign & Reconstruction in Phoenix

Award-Winning Stairway Design and Remodeling 


Ever wonder what it takes to remodel a staircase? We take a deep dive into the stunning transformation of this interior remodel in Phoenix. Once Lorrie began the design of the stairway- it became clear this would be a classy transformation. This residential stairway design and remodel took home the NARI CotY award for Best Residential Interior Element over $30,000 at the 2018 NARI awards. 

Homeowner Wishes

  • Safety was one of the main concerns for a redesign, and new layout, for the staircase.
  • Due to the curvature of the existing staircase, the inside path of the existing stairs created treads which were too shallow, with the outside path of the curve having treads which were too deep for normal use. This made it very difficult on an elderly parent to utilize the railing while ascending or descending the stairs when they visited.
  • The existing design aesthetic of the stairway was outdated, and did not match the design style of the new homeowner.
  • The downstairs felt closed off from the upstairs; due to a wall blocking the view.
  • The overall size of the existing staircase layout was extremely large and over-bearing in the room.

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Our Solution & Proposed Stairway Layout

  • The curved section below the landing was to be completely removed and replaced with a new straight section of stairs, including a ‘flared’ bottom of stairs which a subtle curved front stair tread design.
  • The upper hallway section of ‘pony’ wall was to be cut-down shorter, and include the addition of new railing material to create a more open-feel between the stairway and upstairs.
  • All of the old, dated, white-washed oak railing components were to be removed and replaced with new hardwood materials.
  • The under stair cubby would receive a new cabinet for additional storage, and seating area to put on shoes before going outside.
  • An elegant mixture of Stained Hardwood mixed with Painted Hardwood Finishes.

Phoenix Staircase Remodel

Under Construction

Click through the gallery to follow along with the construction: 

Photo 1: The bottom section of stairs removed from the landing down to the floor.

Photo 2: The Travertine tile cut-out, and removed, where the new stairs are to be installed.  This way the stair sections will attach directly to the solid, concrete, base.

Photo 3: Installation of the new sections of stairs create the new layout and footprint. 

Photo 4: Start of the finishing touches.  The new, solid hardwood, stair treads are installed.  Stain grade Oak Treads, with Paint Grade Risers.

Photo 5 Installation of the new, solid hardwood, railings and balusters.  Painting has begun for all of the white components.

Photo 6: Notice the pony wall at the top of the stairs has been removed, and replaced with new railing and balusters for an open feel at the hallway upstairs.

Before and After 

Before & After Staircase Remodel (3) (2)

Before & After Staircase Remodel (2) (1)

The Final Result

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