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Many remodeling contractors will create a basic design that is easy to install and profitable for them. We believe there is a better way. It's imperative to pay attention to the project details that many contractors don't want to deal with. Our designer, Lorrie Hochuli, takes the time to listen to your needs and desires, then creates a design that maximizes the use and functionality of each room. She then uses her understanding of colors and finishes to give each room that "wow" you expect. 

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Lorrie's eye for design and detail has proven to be spectacular based on the testimonials and feedback from our clients. Many of our clients have decided to expand their projects to include more rooms just based on her initial design. Here is one recent example: a client of ours asked Lorrie to design three bathrooms for their new home: a guest bathroom and two kids bathrooms. They were so impressed with all three designs that they had her re-design their master bathroom as well! They had recently remodeled their master bath but weren't "wowed" by the end result. 

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Worried about design choices? 

You may have had this experience or heard about a similar experience from a friend. In essence, the remodeling contractor hands you a bunch of catalogs and gives you the name of a couple of suppliers to "help" you make your material choices. Now, this would be a great approach if the supplier had the time or the experience to match your expectations with your design, but this approach makes it almost impossible for you to stay within budget or to maintain a consistent and coordinated look.

Our approach is a little different. Once your design is approved, Lorrie will continue to help make your job easier by providing specific recommendations on materials, colors, and finishes. She offers suggestions and recommendations like coordinating paint and tile choices, cabinets and appliances, and plumbing and lighting. Our design process helps you through the entire process, eliminating the stress that is often felt when remodeling. We find that this process also keeps you within your budget. 

About Lorrie Hochuli

Lorrie Hochuli has over twenty years of design experience and understands the needs and perspectives of clients…especially women. Even with all of this design experience, she continues her formal and social education to stay ahead of market trends and to create new looks and implement new ideas. To learn more about Lorrie, click here

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