Are you ready to enjoy Remodeling?

We are an Award Winning, Creative and Innovative Team working closely with good people to build Positive Memories while bringing their Home Remodeling Dreams to Life

Embarrassed to Entertain because your Kitchen is outdated?

You’re not alone, we hear this all the time. And, frankly have been guilty of experiencing this feeling about our own home from time to time.
Let’s start planning the grand reopening party for your kitchen! 

Is it time to treat yourself to a new Spa-Like Bathroom Oasis?

The bathroom is typically the 1st room in the house you go in the morning, and last in the evening, quite a bit of time is spent there.
Let’s maximize the rooms’ potential and build the spa-like getaway space you deserve! 

Have you lost the spark, love, and excitement you once had for your home and considered moving?

Only to realize you love your neighborhood, and the kids are in a great school district, and friends are close-by?
Let’s work together building a master plan to re-igniting what you loved most about your home when you 1st moved in! 


We believe it takes a Team to build a Dream. Our dedicated team works with you towards a common goal, and is proud to assist homeowners with the challenges of Remodeling

Teamwork: Is the ability to work together toward a common vision!

Customer Service

We believe in a Boutique Level of Customer Service that builds lasting relationships. Instead of the typical Contractor vs. Client transaction, we believe in a two-way alliance of Trust & Integrity

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Design & Space Planning

We believe an Educated and Industry Certified Design staff helps to ensure your money is well spent on a lasting project. We believe in Style, and a level of Timeless Design.

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Design/Build Home Remodel Contractor Process

Our Unique Design-Build Process

Scott Hochuli & Lorrie Hochuli

Get to Know Scott & Lorrie Hochuli

Kitchen remodel pictures by design/build contractor

Pictures of Finished Projects

Design/Build Homeowner Resources

Design/Build Resources

" Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works! "
- Steve Jobs

Our Design-Build Home Remodeling Services

Whether you’re hoping we can help with a Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel, Home Addition, Complete Home Renovation, or Other Design/Build Home Remodeling Project; we work hard at Adding Value to your Remodeling Experience 


Project Design & Development

Project Renderings

Do you struggle to envision what the completed project will look like? Our Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software can provide a glimpse of the finished bathroom or kitchen before construction of the project even begins

Material Samples

Are you worried whether or not the materials and colors coordinate? We can import the exact materials and colors in to our design program to show you how they compliment each other

Material and Fixture Selections

Are you overwhelmed by the number of choices available for materials and fixtures? Working closely with you, our Certified Design Team can narrow those options down to a manageable amount that fit within your target budget

Project Development

Are you concerned about the potential surprises during construction? During the process of Design and Project Development we use a series of checklists to help ensure all the bases are covered, in an attempt to minimize the element of surprise later on

Cool Factor

Simply think the computer images on HGTV and DIY shows are cool? Well, so do we! And we can do it too…….


Some Fun Facts

Each completed project marks another friendship built, and as a result
we strive to deliver a better remodeling experience


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Keeping your Kitchen Remodel Stress Free

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The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. This is because we spend so much time in this specific room. Memories are made, families become closer together and they grow and develop all because of things that take place within the kitchen.  Read more