Tips to Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

July 28, 2015
July 28, 2015 Scott

Tips to Surviving a Kitchen Remodel


It’s a stressful thing to live through a kitchen remodeling project, consider these up-front tips to help stay focused on the end results.

#1 Getting Ready and Packing Up
Your kitchen cabinets and drawers are likely packed full – that stuff will need to go somewhere during the remodel. Is it all needed to go back in?

  • This is a great time to clear un-needed items that have been cluttering up the kitchen, and a good opportunity to make charitable donations of those items you no longer need.
  • Where are you going to store the packing boxes and furniture during the kitchen renovation? Could you use a portable storage pod?
  • Consider the kitchen items you may need to keep out; but be selective. Storing them in covered tupperware tubs help keep them clean.
  • Disposable plates and silverware are convenient (while not entirely environmentally friendly….)

#2 Communication is Vital
From the 1st time you meet your remodel contractor and interior designer, communication is essential. This should be a collaborative team effort, with the game plan focusing on the desired outcome; therefore creating predictable results and an enjoyable experience.

A pre-construction conference with the remodeling contractor team goes a long way to establishing the guidelines and expectations for what you will experience together during the kitchen renovation project.  Kitchen Design Build Remodel Phoenix

  • Discuss the construction schedule and the major milestones that will be realized as the design-build kitchen remodel evolves.
  • What will the daily work hours be?
  • Identify access to the home; who will be responsible for the house key, what about the alarm code?  Can your alarm company establish a special code for the contractors’ use?
  • Outline the primary contacts and the ideal way to reach them.  Not only the contractors’ main contact person, but yours as well.
  • Do you have pets?  Decide where they will be safely confined from the daily disruption.
  • Understand what the remodeling contractor cleanup procedure includes; with the goal to keep dust contained to the work area.
  • Identify a location outside for cleaning of tools, washing hands, etc. if necessary.
  • Where will material be stored?  Where do the construction crews park?  Where will the dumpster be, and for how long?
  • Is there a porta-jon onsite, or are they using an indoor bathroom?  How will that be kept clean?
  • The list goes on.  An organized and professional design/build remodel contractor will schedule a pre-construction conference with you, and have a checklist that outlines these questions and more.

#3 Living through the Kitchen Remodel
In all likelihood, you’ll be living in the home during the kitchen renovation; take some precautionary steps to make it as comfortable and bearable as possible.

  • Designate a “quiet space” to escape the disorder, and “get away”, indoors or out, you’ll appreciate some time away from the dust.
  • What effect will the project have on the kids’ daily routines?
  • Setup a temporary “kitchen area” to include your refrigerator, microwave, toaster, and don’t forget the coffee maker for your daily cup.
  • Utilize a guest bathroom or laundry sink to use an area to clean dishes.
  • Prepare yourself for the Emotional Roller Coaster you’ll find yourself on, but keep your eye on the prize!

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