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Thinking about Remodeling your Home?

The final chapter in our 3-part series about different approaches to consider when it comes time to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, adding a room addition, or completing other home improvement projects.  Click for Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

3rd Chapter:

The Enjoyable Remodeling Approach  professional design-build home remodeling contractor

Over the past 2 articles we mentioned the benefits and risks of doing the work yourself (DIY) or hiring “Chuck” – the low bidder contractor that offers the “free estimate”.  Let’s now take a look at how the Professional Design/Build Remodeling Contractor approaches a home remodel project.

Benefits to the Professional Approach

  • The opportunity to work with a reputable and financially stable company
  • Honest and Caring advice about what can or can’t be accomplished with your remodel
  • A Team environment that breeds collaboration. When daydreaming about your perfect Contractor Team, would you prefer someone that works with you to bring your remodeling dreams to life – or – the age old feeling of contractor vs. client?
  • Master Craftsmanship. Specialty tradesmen are just that, specialists in their trade.  Kitchen and bathroom remodel contractor reviews
  • Detailed proposals and contracts that include a guaranteed price for your project before construction begins
  • Would you like to be kept ‘in the loop’ throughout your home remodel? A professional contractor will utilize a detailed scheduling system that allows you the opportunity to know exactly what is happening on your home each day
  • Properly licensed and insured goes without saying!
  • Workers that are “house-broken”. Clean-cut and courteous employees and subcontractors that you are confident are looking out for your best interests
  • Completed projects that look “Award Winning”, or that they should be featured in a magazine
  • A stress-free experience with no surprises
  • Warranty for 2 years or more
  • A finished project and experience that you’re proud to share with friends and family
  • Increased home value, and resale value when you decide it’s time to sell
  • Benefit of Educated Design Services
    • Comfort in knowing the design and materials are not just a recent “trend”,
      or something the contractor gets a bulk-deal for purchasing and suggests you use
    • Every design is different for wine cellar contractor for wine rooma professional design/build remodeling firm; built around the clients wants and needs
    • Do you know what you don’t know? A professional keeps up to date with “what’s out there” and available, and likely attends yearly Industry Shows that announce new products
    • Space planning to ensure proper, and efficient, use of the space

So what are the risks?

  • Honest advice you may not want to hear
    • A professional contractor will listen to your needs/dreams/ideas, and may advise you the cost vs. benefit may not fit based on your target investment amount. (Isn’t that also a benefit to dealing with a quality & trusted design/build remodeling contractor?)
  • Higher investment amount for your home remodel project
    • Do you think the old saying, “You get what you pay for” fits when it comes to home remodeling and renovations? That doesn’t always mean products’, it’s relevant in terms of service, organization, communication and attention to detail too.
    • Would you prefer to sit at your desk being un-productive because you’re wondering what’s going on at your house, or would you prefer the satisfaction in knowing “things are getting done”, and done right, while you’re plugging away at your job?

As you see, the benefits of working with a Professional Contractor far outweigh the risks….. unless your sole determining factor is price.  Are you ready to work with a Professional?  Learn more about the Owners of Hochuli Design & Remodeling Team, take a look in our galleries of completed Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Remodel, Room Addition, Wine Cellar, and more!  When you’re ready to work with a true Professional:
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