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Add On Or Move On? What Should I do?


Is a room addition right for you?  If your family has outgrown your current home, you might be wondering if it is best to add on extra space with a home addition or to move. Neither option is perfect for every family. There are many reasons why adding on to their home is best for one family while moving is the best option for a different family. Consider some of the reasons people pick one choice over the other.

Get It Your Own Way

One of the biggest reasons to consider a home addition is that you can get things your own way. Your dream kitchen, which you always thought would just be a dream, can now become a reality. You can get that large walk-in shower or jetted tub you have always wanted in your master bathroom. Instead of having to pick between the home with the large family room or the house with five bedrooms, your home can have both.

When you decide an addition is the right choice for your home rather than moving somewhere else, you can decide upon things such as the carpeting in the new bedroom, the tile in the new bathroom, and the size of your new, larger living room. While you are adding onto your home, you may also want to improve other parts of your house. Instead of settling for a home that is not really what you want, you can have things exactly the way you like, something that would be unlikely if you moved.

Home or Neighborhood Attachment

Whether you have lived in your home for a short time or it has been your home for decades, you likely feel at least some attachment to your home and/or neighborhood. Maybe this was your first home after you got married, and there are memories attached to it. Perhaps your next-door neighbors are the greatest neighbors ever. Great school districts, proximity to shopping and other services, and closeness to relatives are other reasons people are attached to their home or neighborhood. It may even be worth adding on to your home if you love that great fruit tree in your backyard or you have another home or yard feature you love.

Of course, some people really do not feel attached to their home or neighborhood. Maybe you bought the house out of desperation, just to have somewhere to live, and now you really regret the choice. Maybe you have horrible neighbors, or you want your kids to go to school in another district. The home may have worked great when your family moved in, but job changes have made the commute too long.


For some people, space is a big factor in whether they add to their home or move to another home. Maybe you have a lot of land, and you cannot find another property that provides you with both the indoor and outdoor space your family needs. Even though your home as a whole may need some expansion, maybe there are specific rooms in your home that are the perfect size, and you cannot find that in another home within your budget. For example, you have the perfect master suite, or you love your large downstairs family room. If you are unlikely to be able to find these large spaces in another home, you may want to consider adding on to your home rather than moving.

On the opposite side, sometimes adding to your current home is impossible or impractical. Maybe your yard is already small, and a room addition would require sacrificing too much yard space. Maybe the rooms you want to expand are in the front of your home, and adding to the front of your house would take away from your driveway or place your house too close to the road.

Too Costly

The problem of  a home expansion being too costly is really two problems: money and time. When looking at the money issue, the situation is about more than just how much money it will take to add on to your home versus how much it will cost to buy a different home. Repairs and remodeling expenses associated with the home you would consider purchasing should also be considered.

You may also want to consider other moving-related expenses, including the cost of renting a moving truck or hiring a moving company. Even smaller potential expenses, such as the cost of replacing or repairing items that might get broken during the move, should be considered. This is especially true if you have valuable items that are also fragile. In many cases, these items may need to be packed carefully, which may cost you extra money.

Time is also sometimes a concern for people needing extra space. Finding a new home can be time-consuming. You may have to take time off work to look at homes, or you may spend your weekends for several months looking at houses. Even after finding a home, it can be several weeks, or even months before you can move in. Adding to your home can also take quite a while. The big difference is that while you may have to wait several months for your home addition to be complete, you can continue to go to work and generally live your normal life while a remodeling company handles the hard work.

Often, people look to expand their homes either right before or right after a big change in their family situation. Maybe you are planning to have another child soon, or the grandkids are moving back to the area and will be spending more time at your house. Perhaps, your adult son is moving back in with you, and he needs his own space away from the rest of the family. It is important to consider if you really have the time to move while dealing with the stresses of a new family situation. Plus, if you are dealing with a new family situation, unpacking and getting settled in your home might be more time-consuming than you can handle.

2-story home addition phoenix, az

2-Story Home Addition in Phoenix, AZ

If you are ready to tackle the home addition you’ve been dreaming of, drop us a line, and let’s get the process started. Even if you are unsure about whether a home addition is right for you, we’d be happy to talk with you about possible challenges associated with a room addition vs. the challenges of remodeling a new home you may be considering.  Want to get to know us more?  Learn more about Scott & Lorrie, check out the pictures of home addition projects, and see how we can help you with your addition or remodeling project.

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