#1 of 3: Approaches to Home Remodeling

August 10, 2015
August 10, 2015 Scott

#1 of 3: Approaches to Home Remodeling


Thinking about Remodeling your Home?

There are 3 approaches to consider when it comes to remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, creating more space with a room addition, or other home improvement project.  We’ll cover the various options in this 3-part series.

1st Chapter:
The Do-it-yourself approach:  (DIY’er)

  • There is an obvious benefit to the DIY approach, and that’s reduced labor costs; because you do all of the work!
  • Another benefit may include the opportunity to learn new skills, as well as the ability to work on (or at) your own schedule. You and your spouse may not mind a 12-mo+ DIY kitchen remodeling project because the savings are beneficial.

With those benefits also come plenty of risks: scottsdale home remodel contractor reviews

  • Will your home hold up its end of the resale value bargain or will you realize decreased home resale value because of the DIY projects?
  • What will the additional costs be if you have to re-do any of the DIY projects to pass building codes or home inspection if you sell?
  • There are plenty of safety risks to consider for yourself, or friends and family that may be “helping out”:
    • A simple plumbing leak could turn in to a major problem, causing some serious damage to your house
    • Is it possible an improperly wired light switch could start a fire in your home?
    • Does your buddy that’s helping out during his weekend off have a true understanding of how to work power tools? What will happen if he has an “accident”?
    • How will your “day job” be affected if you injure yourself while working on your home remodel project?
    • And many more; we’re just scratching the surface of the inherit risks of DIY remodeling and renovation projects.
  • Don’t forget the hassle and lost time involved
    • Do you have time during your regular work day to properly research and plan for your upcoming DIY project?
    • How much valuable family time are you willing to give up for this commitment?
    • There’s also the hassle of having to re-do something you’ve already completed because it doesn’t look or perform like it should.
  • No warranty
    • While you’ll still benefit from the manufactures warranty on the items you purchase and install, what you won’t have is a warranty or guarantee on the installation of those products
  • Don’t forget Design
    • You’ve seen all the great ideas on Houzz, Pinterest, and all over the internet and DIY TV shows; are you confident you’re pulling it all together in a design that matches your style and desired level of longevity?
    • What about space planning, layout, and functionality? Are you sure you’re maximizing the available space in the room?

As you see, there are certainly some benefits to the DIY approach, BUT: do those benefits out-weigh all of the risks?  Look for Chapter 2 in this 3-part series to home remodeling:  the “Chuck-in-the-truck” approach.

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