Add On Or Move On? What Should I do?


Is a room addition right for you?  If your family has outgrown your current home, you might be wondering if it is best to add on extra space with a home addition or to move. Neither option is perfect for every family. There are many reasons why adding on to their home is best for one family while moving is the best option for a different family. Consider some of the reasons people pick one choice over the other. Read more

91 Days


What’s 91 days?

So you’ve decided you want to remodel your kitchen. You’ve had enough! You can’t take it any longer! The dishwasher doesn’t clean like it used to, you’re tired of the tile countertops from 1985 or the granite the previous homeowner selected in the 90’s. You and your spouse like to entertain friends and family, ultimately you’re demanding to have

“A Kitchen we’re proud to show off!”

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Home Remodeling Tip: Materials Selection


Quick Tip: How to Choose Timeless Materials for Home Remodeling

Most of us can remember a bathroom with pink tile or a kitchen with avocado-colored appliances, but today when we encounter those in a home, we think “yuck” and that the house is crying for an update.  Scottsdale Interior Designer for Bathroom Remodel

When you are planning a remodeling project, how do you safeguard that the choices you make today won’t be decorating faux pas a few years from now? Read more

Are Contractors doing a design disservice?


As I jump up on my soapbox, I will mention thatArizona Home Remodel Contractor Soapbox there are so many great home remodeling contractors licensed in the Phoenix valley; and we all do business just a little bit differently.  For just a moment, though, I’d like to pose the statement that some General Contractors are doing their clients a disservice by pretending to be efficient with design and space planning. Read more